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What to Bring


Bringing a rifle?

Then you will need  visitorsfirearm permits one for each state you are hunting in.
Permits. refer tour booking form page for permits.

Remember our voltage system is 240 and we have different plug formations so keep this in mind when packing.

You will be in the bush so any medications sunscreen, painkillers etc are advised.

As the temperatures and terrain is different between the hunt areas you will need some different clothes for different regions

1. The Tropical Northern Regions {Buffalo and Wild Boar hunts]Temps 96- to 60 degrees ]

  • Shady hat and light long trousers for hunting in. shorts are fine but the grass can be long at times.
  • Cool casual clothing,
  • Light weight walking shoes .that don’t mind moisture.. tennis shoes are fine
  • Sunscreen and insect repellent
  • Lightweight .Jackets for early morning and in the evening
  • Camo is recommended.[ In the Buffalo hunting region  ]
  •  Light weight gauze netting t shirts are great also insects .

P10003482. The Southern Queensland Regions {Deer and small game hunts] Temps vary here from Winter to summer …drier climate 80-32…

  • Shady hat and light long trousers for hunting in.
  • Cool casual clothing..jeans okay
  • Light weight walking shoes .terrain is rocky
  • Sunscreen
  • Camo is recommended. [faded sage for color recommended]
  • Jackets for early morning and in the evening [We get frosts in the winter mornings]
  • We don’t have central heating but have fireplaces so you may need to bring warmer clothes layering is good and August is our windy month so a wind breaker can be good .