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There are Hunters & there are Hunters…

Jim and I have been operating Havago for the last 35 years. Making us one of the longest running if not the longest running safari operators in Australia.

Our professionalism is backed up by a lifetime working in the bush. Its our natural element.  We pride ourselves on professional and personalized experience for each of our hunters. This shows itself as we have hunters still  hunting with us over the 35 years and many hunters returning  each year who have become good friends in hunting sharing many good times with us.P1010233a

Jim’s passion for  the bush, hunting and fishing. He is a great source of knowledge of the bush and its wildlife having spent al his life outdoors . You are hunting most times with Jim the PH himself.  in most areas you will have comfortable first class accommodations but remember our hunts are true hunts covering rough rugged terrain. …”this is country made for deer not man” ..

My role is to  help you with any hunting and travel arrangements, making your planning as easy as possible. We also are excited to be acting as an agent for African hunts so see on the wonderful safari possibilities  on the link.

Its been said our terrain is too rugged .. but it is natural beauty of Australia’s bush and lets be fair dinkum here if you wanted it easy you’d shoot at targets but there are hunters and then there are hunters that want to HAVE A GO ! Which one are you ?