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Rewarding and memorable!

RE: Jim Dieckmann’s Nomination

Jim Dieckmann has been nominated for SCI Outfitter of the Year for the last two years. Both times my husband, Richard, wrote a recommendation for this outstanding gentleman, hunter and outfitter. Since my husband’s glowing recommendations have been to the Awards Committee twice, I decided this was the year to give a woman’s point of view. I have hunted with many outfitters in Africa, Europe, New Zealand, Canada, South America as well as the USA. I have also been on several women’s hunts with my Sables sisters. I can honestly say that Jim Dieckmann is an outstanding outfitter and guide and a knowledgeable professional hunter of the highest quality.

I hunted with Jim’s Havago Safaris both in a province outside of Brisbane and in the Northwest Territory in the Outback south of Darwin. The experience was rewarding and memorable. Jim is a guide who truly rejoices in a client’s successful hunt. I hunted Fallow deer and Rusa deer near Brisbane and wild boar in the Northwest Territory. I never felt that Jim was a man who thought a hunt should be “dumbed down” for a woman hunter. This is a very important fact, as many (not all) outfitters feel they must be patronizing to a woman hunter.

The accommodations and the delightful conversations made evenings at the camp fun and informative. I leaned a lot about Australia’s customs, history and hunting facts because Jim is such a knowledgeable person. His experiences as he has lived his life hunting in the Outback are shared in a gracious way with the hunters.

I have recommended Havago Safaris to many friends who have also had very good experiences with Jim. Jim’s hunts are interesting and he always works very hard for his clients with a contagious good humor and a quiet helpful manner.


Ardie Merrell