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Oh, no you can’t go hunting, yes you can!

It was the best hunt with you I ever had. Everything was all perfect. I enjoyd every minute with you as Professional hunter, guide, cook and now a new friend. For me as a disabled person (double amputated legs obove knees) walking with 2 artificial limbs was more than a normal adventure. When I got contact with you from Germany and spoke to Debbie, your wife, if it would be possible for me to go hunting at your place in Australia. There was no problem at all for you. Many people reakt with answer like: Oh, no you can`t go hunting at my place as a disabled person – when they hear about my handicap. You even bought road surface for the pavement and put it around the hunting hut so I could comfortable drive around the camp with my wheelcair when not wearing my artificial legs after a long day to relax. You really did everything that I could enjoy the stay with you, have lots of fun and also an successful hunt. I could shoot a great nice Rusa stag and a wild boar at Millmerra / Nora. Many German hunter are so envious of my trophy and I am very proud of it! Thank you once again that you made my dream come true. I`m looking forward for a next time with you.
Please say many greetings to Debbie and your children.
Your German friend Gerhard