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Full Recommendation!

To Whom It may concern:

The following is a letter of full recommendation in favor of Jim Dieckmann of Havago Australia. I have hunted now on four continents and I can honestly say Jim is the best PH I have seen. Other outfitters I have hunted with hire PH’s to go with us, Jim on the other hand is the owner and your PH, he started the business and no one knows more about the game and area he hunts. Jim not only takes you hunting but also educates the hunter on the area and the wild games habits, strengths and weaknesses, knowledge that can only come with years of experience. I personally have enjoyed hunting with Jim more than any other PH, an accolade I don’t think will be beat.

A trip with Havago Australia is not just a hunting trip, it is also a informative and enjoyable tour of Australia, the Diekmanns are proud of their country and the knowledge and information they provide while there makes the trip a step above others. I will return to Australia and rest assured Havago will be our hosts.

If you have questions on my experience, feel free to call me at the below number.

Tim Jones
Quality Collision Services
Michigan, USA