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Feral sheep Queensland region

Its dry inland temperatures ranging from -4 to 20 degrees in the day in our winter months. [ June July August] Hot and dry in summer [ December to February] temperatures up into the 40’s

Best Times: We can offer varmint hunting all year round but the best times is definitely the cooler months when the skins are better and temperatures more amenable. Check out our hunting species schedules

In the Northern Territory best hunting times are June to September  when it is winter but is a cool morning followed by a 30 degree day. and usually no rain.. Hunting from Xmas to then is the monsoonal times and is usually wet and hence limited access and prior to Xmas it is very hot as it builds for the monsoonal storms. Best wild boar hunting in the region is august to September where the dry encourages the pigs to be around the billabongs.