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Buzz Davis Green Bay Wisconsin    ouremail@doorpi.net    [Rusa and Fallow 

“Had a wonderful time Everything was excellent”

Steve Wright Green Bay Wisconsin  swright@5starms.com [ Fallow and Red stag] Lisa Wright { Feral Sheep }

“Where do I start wonderful people wonderful scenery, great accommodations and oh ya… two unbelievable trophies ” [ Steve}

“What a wonderful vacation you have made my 20th wedding anniversary very memorable”. Patrick you helped me tremendously on my first hunt ”  [Lisa} 

Du Wayne Schuler Michigan           dschuler@attbi.com  [ Fallow  Stag] read Du Wayne’s article 

“Thank you so much for providing such an excellent experience on my recent hunt in Australia. Jim and Patrick put me in the position to be successful and I saw many quality animals. In my view, Havago is a bargain as a South Pacific destination and I intend to hunt there again!
DuWayne Schuler, SCI Life Member”

Gerband Erdkamp Netherlands   gerdkamp@hotmail.com   [ varmint hunt] 0031629028488

“Thank you for the fantastic days”  

Robert Bout  Luxemberg               alpharma@pt.lu   [ varmint hunt]

“Great week had the best time wish I had another month”

Ray Smyth Ireland and Pete Smyth   Gympie 

“Had a ball plenty to shoot and even more to eat” [ Pete}

Enjoyed myself immensely and hope to return” [Ray}

Mike and Vickie Kroes California 310 9434871 [ hunted for goats and deer and planning to return for 2002 for a buffalo


“Had a brilliant time.. Love to return”

Jim Thomas Minnasota [hunted for buffalo and goats and pigs]

TSA Manufacturing

“Jim is an outstanding guide knows his way round the bush and couldn’t recommend him highly enough as delivering a real hunt ….would hunt with him anywhere anytime “

George Jones Reno Nevada 702 6888974 [ hunted in 1996 returning 2002]

“Was the best experience of my life would come back again and again and again .. real wilderness hunting”

Jerry and Cyndy Chesney Detroit [ hunted for buffalo and deer]


“Great guy great time great animals”

Ron and Jess Jenkins Sydney [ hunted  for stags , buffalo and pigs]

“Had an absolutely excellent time”


Stephen Bell [ hunted for fallow,red chittal and goat].Now he brings his children to hunt with us.

” thank you for the trophy and a great weekend, good company, excellent food had a great time can’t wait to return”

Bob and Jason Cerezo Brisbane [ hunts with us regularly for over 20 years]

“Love getting away in the bush, do it often as I can through the year “

Steve & Shirley Armstong Michingan [ hunted for deer and buffalo ]

“First Class trip we both absolutely had a fun time . Looking forward to doing it again ..”

Ross Webb Sarina Qld [hunted sucessfully all species and returns every second year rifle and bow]

“I have enjoyed all my hunts with Jim and the trophies I have bring back all those fun memories”

Pierre Py 22 Rue Guy Moquet 94130 Noguet France

“Bravo to the Havago team for this 5 days in the bush Good Game Goat, Chittal, Fallow. I enjoyed so much the life in the Nyora bush and was so happy!”

Khanh & Mary Jo Pham 120 ave de Suffren Paris France

“This is so fantastic the game and the landscape of Nyora .. the sunrises and sunsets you can never forget”

Tommy Christensen Bogevej 16 4340 Tollose Denmark [ Buffalo goats deer] ” Jim is an exceptional man of the bush.. we are brothers iin hunting “

Wivi and Helmut Ottsen Denmark [ Hunted twice with us for Deer, Goats and Bufffalo ] “Magnificent”