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Deer Hunting.

Location: Queensland camp for Red Rusa [2 species] Chittal and Fallow 

Victoria for Hog and Sambar

Queensland safaris operate over are on our 12000 acre sheep station in SE Queensland .

We are   comfortable 3 hour drive inland west from Brisbane.

Other  optional activities on hunt  

You can easily upgrade to hunt Goats, Feral ram, Scrub bull or Wild boar in the same region.  

We offer first class fresh water fishing for Silver and Golden perch as well as our native Catfish. These you can catch by using either flies , lures or live bait. You can hunt for rabbits, ducks,  catch yabbies fro bait or eating . Our wilderness areas is abundant with native wildlife and birds, and is  one only regions that you will see as much wildlife free and wild anywhere.

Tours of local attractions is always offered to non-hunters these include markets, wineries antiques

How we hunt: We use 4wd’s to reach to certain hunting areas and then the hunting  is on foot. Terrain is stony, with eucalypt and cypress pine forests, there is a  lots of brush for cover. It is a dry stony terrain.We also use blinds set up on watering points.














What we hunt : We have  7 species of deer are located in Queensland and 2 species in Victoria or Northern Territory. In Queensland we have  Fallow, Red , Chittal, and 2 species of Rusa [Javan and Molluccan] . Goats, Scub bulls, feral sheep as well as turkey and wild boar t roam the area. We also offer feral/vermin  game hunts. We can also organize  Sambar and Hog deer hunts in the other locations as well as Buffalo and Banteng .


Fees for deer hunts: Hunt rates are calculated on a daily rate per hunter [maximum of 6 in a hunt  safety first ]  and then a trophy fee added when a deer is successfully taken. Price is calculated on the number of days needed and this is influenced by  the time of year, number of hunters in group and species of deer and number desired]….a normal hunt averages about 3 days in length if only taking one species .Daily rates vary on number of hunters. So enquire about your particular needs and we can personalized a quote for you.


Red Deer trophy
Red Deer trophy

Menial Fallow