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Having A Go. By DuWayne Schuler


I started to think about hunting in the Pacific shortly after my wife purchased a New Zealand hunt for me at the Michigan Chapter’s 30th annual fundraiser. I was happy to be going to New Zealand but it seemed a shame to be so close to Australia without including a little sport there. The itinerary had been carefully laid out and there seemed to be very little wiggle room if we were to accomplish the modest goals we had set for experiencing this vast part of the world. Just weeks before leaving, the fates smiled on me and I was...

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Showdown at Armour Plains by Bill Troubridge

The crisp half light that proceeds the tropical Australian sunrise made the black hulking forms of the  Water Buffalo stand out starkly against open plain.  The three bulls, having completed their nightly foray to feed on the lush grasses along the forest edge, were moving at a steady walk through the series of  Pandanas palm stands.  Here we had lain in ambush since before first light.  Within minutes they would pass us 60 yards away, far out of range for my crossbow, and now was the time to either act boldly or admit defeat. I turned to Jim Dieckman, my PH on this hunt, and...

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“Talking Turkey” by Ted Mitchell


Hunting turkeys is a much followed pursuit in the US of A and Canada. Often I have read about the elusive big Tom turkeys that seem to be almost a magical lure to the dyed in the wool turkey hunters. Turkey hunting is also becoming a well-followed pursuit in New Zealand. Six months ago, my good friend’s wife, Debbie told me of the turkeys that they had been breeding and letting go into their large fenced estate near Inglewood. Debbie said that these turkeys have been running wild for some years now and should be a real challenge whether with...

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