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Havago Africa

Jim and I had such a fabulous trip with Numzaan safaris in October 2016 ..we are planning our next hunting  trip to Africa for the later part of 2017.. I can only say our second trip was every bit as good as our first safari. We were so impressed with our 2015 trophies and how they were looked after and what a great condition and how they were packed we had no reservations how they were handled this trip. Our good friend Johnann Combrink from Numzaan Safaris.. puts together special packages for us which includes sightseeing , some hunting animals. If you wish to add on other animals you are welcome to . Read our story on our 2015 hunt and we have one on our 2016 coming out soon


On your Safari
Guests l all stay together in their lodge and package includes accommodation, food and drinks. Accommodations   are very comfortable  stone built cabins with thatched rooves each with ther own bathroom.  There is separate dining and bar area fire pit and swimming pool.

Every day we are split into smaller groups and you are out with your own guide hunting

Included in the package is 3 animals [a warthog, wilderbeest blue and and impala per hunter .]

Transfer to and From Johannesberg.

A sightseeing day at the famous sun city and national park tour.

Cost per hunter for the 2015/16 package was                          $4595 usd

[ 2017 will be the same or very similar] to be released soon

Rifle hire is $27 for hunt duration but you may of course take your own

Nonhunters are   $260 per day

Deposit required.                                               $1000



So if you’re interested contact us to put your name on a interest list and a preferred time of year to travel. [ novemeber to feb is closed as breeding time for animals]

Check out their website  and read our article on our first trip in he journal section of our web page