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About Us

Who you will hunt with and how we make your hunt the best experience it can be. 

Thank you for taking the time to visit our webpage   Its great to have the opportunity for us to tell you about our business and what you can  expect to experience when you take a safari  with us.

While we don’t promise to offer you the very biggest trophies all the time but we do promise to give you the very best time we can and will work the hardest we can to ensure we can get you the very best trophies that are available at the time.


Firstly a little information about our business and us . Jim and I [ Debbie] have been operating for the last 36 years.  Jim has a  lifetime working in the bush. Its always been our home and Jim has a passion for both hunting and fishing. He has a great wealth of knowledge of the bush and its wildlife. Jim and i have spent both our lives in the bush working on the land closely associated with nature and hunting and 36 years ago started one of Australia’s first safari operations. He loves photography and also does all his own reloading so he has a wealth f knowledge of ballistics and you know if you rent rifles they will be spot on  and very well cared for .Jim guides most of the hunts himself  and if that’s not possible  we give you the very best guide and in most areas you will have comfortable first class accommodations we can provide  but our hunts are true hunts covering rough rugged terrain. this is country made for deer not man ..

With a number of years spent as a tourism officer…my role is to manage your  booking assist you with any questions, overcome any  problems and provide you with valuable local knowledge [invaluable in making  any hunting and travel arrangements],  making  your planning as easy as possible. In my spare time I have a passion for  art and   create jewellery ,  am a wildlife artist  and mixed media artist www.debbiesheart.com.au. I also have has several commissions of hunters and their trophies or Australian hunting scenes.

When we started “Havago” our children were babies and now  they are both successfully following their own career paths. Our family now  at the Havago lodge is e 2 spolit dogs who you will meet when you come to Havago.. Bonnie and Remmington.{Remmi] Both Jack Russels ..Bonny has retired to hunting vermin at the camp and Remmi who is 10mths now  the main hunting dog [ with big paws to replace as he takes over after we lost our specia lhutning dog Ruger ..those that hunted with hm will voucher for his expertise] Remmi  is also proving invaluable for tracking wounded animals  and loves to hunt .  Remmi and Bonnie often post on our facebook page Havago Australia.

Campfire cooking is a specialty. and we feature many game meats in our menus and wherever possible we are happy to cook the hunters game for them if they wish . Sitting round the campfire with a beer or a glass or of red is always a favorite activity with hunters . Our skies out here are unforgettable and star gazing and satellite spotting is always awesome.



Bonnie and Remmi