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Professional and Personalised

our safaris offer you a rich wildlife experience.

Memorable Hunting Adventures

for all kinds of enthusiasts.

Memorable Hunting Adventures

A great time and the best bush experiences!

Hunting and Fishing Experiences

for our clients all year round.

Our base camp is in Southern Queensland

with deer, goat, pig, scrub bulls & feral sheep safaris,

All Australian Species,

Hunts available all year!

G’day and Welcome to HAVAGO Australia!

Havago Australia hunts in several regions in Australia totaling millions of acres allowing us to offer the very best in hunting and fishing to all our clients all year round. Timing of hunts is dictated to often by Australia’s climate. So try to plan your hunt in the most optimum conditions for sucess.

Professional and Personalised, our safaris offer you a rich wildlife experience!

Our base camp is in southern Queensland where we conduct our deer,goat,pig,scrub bulls& feral sheep  safaris and then we travel to the northern reaches of the Northern Territory for the “most wanted” and dangerous Asiatic Water Buffalo ,the rare Banteng and big boars. We also offer the southern deer Hog and Samabr safaris in Victoria ex Melbourne.

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Who you will hunt with and how we make your hunt the best experience it can be.  Thank you for taking the time to visit

The Experience

"Treat you as we would wish to be treated and strive to give you a memorable hunting adventure!" When you book a hunt with us


With both accommodations ,campfire cooking is a specialty. and we feature many game meats in our menus and wherever possible we are happy to cook the

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In order to make your hunt go smoothly and for us to give you the best service please take the time to read the following

There are Hunters and there are Hunters...

Jim and Debbie have been operating Havago for the last 35 years. Making it one of the longest running if not the longest running safari operators in Australia.

Their professionalism is backed up by a lifetime working in the bush. Its our natural element.  “We pride ourselves on professional and personalized experience for each of our hunters. This shows itself as we have hunters still  hunting with us over the 35 years and many hunters returning  each year who have become good friends in hunting sharing many good times with us.”

Jim’s passion for  the bush, hunting and fishing. He is a great source of knowledge of the bush and its wildlife having spent al his life outdoors . You are hunting most times with Jim the PH himself.  in most areas you will have comfortable first class accommodations but remember our hunts are true hunts covering rough rugged terrain. “This is country made for deer, not man”…”


By admin_h930wmx9  Feb 04,2018

Thanks for everything , from the food to the feeling of family to the abundance of game. We had a...

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By admin_h930wmx9  May 25,2016

Havago Africa

Like many hunters the ultimate dream is to hunt in Africa.. and after 35 years in the hunting business as...

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By admin_h930wmx9  Apr 19,2016

Having A Go. By DuWayne Schuler

I started to think about hunting in the Pacific shortly after my wife purchased a New Zealand hunt for me...

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  • [caption id="attachment_831" align="alignright" width="225"] Chinese guests comments[/caption]  

    Chinese guests
  • Dear Debbie and Jim, What a delightful time we had with you. Michael will be a beaming happy hunter for a long time with his Chittal, Red stag and Goat conquests. While the hunting was superb it was surpassed by your hospitality. so enjoyed your wonderful meals and conversation filled with great stories and lots of laughter . Debbie I...

    Happy hunter
  • Dear Debbie Jim Pete and Remmi, Thanks for your time and patience in leading to a successful hunt. I would also like to thank you again for making me feel welcome in your home and looking after me so well although a few km n the pushbike might be required when I get home. I will go home extremely happy...

  • Thank you  Jim and Debbie for your hospitality . The property is amazing and the game plentiful. the quality of the Rusa and red deer particularly was evident. Debbie, the food was excellent, loved the game meat in particular. Jim love to share a few more camp fires with you , maybe if things work out I'll come back with...

    coming back
  • Well Folks it was an extreme pleasure to meet you and see your beautiful ranch . This is an amazing peaceful  place Rich and I have had an wonderful time with you both and Remmie and Bonnie. We wish you the best of the best in your future. We thank you for being  the  perfect host and hunter. Rich and Susan...

    march 2017
  • Debbie  and Jim Hunting is different than shooting. Finding is what is the hunter is after, Friends; knowledge; experience, sky and land. Coming here has been a joy. Garry and Amy Gibbons Phoenix AZ 2017    

    Special times
  • It was the best hunt with you I ever had. Everything was all perfect. I enjoyd every minute with you as Professional hunter, guide, cook and now a new friend. For me as a disabled person (double amputated legs obove knees) walking with 2 artificial limbs was more than a normal adventure. When I got contact with you from Germany and spoke...

    Oh, no you can’t go hunting, yes you can!
  • RE: Jim Dieckmann’s Nomination Jim Dieckmann has been nominated for SCI Outfitter of the Year for the last two years. Both times my husband, Richard, wrote a recommendation for this outstanding gentleman, hunter and outfitter. Since my husband’s glowing recommendations have been to the Awards Committee twice, I decided this was the year to give a woman’s point of view....

    Rewarding and memorable!
  • Jim I want to thank you for all your efforts during my hunting with you last year (August 2008). I had a great time and really enjoyed myself. You always had a story about areas we traveled through and kept things interesting. I was impressed with your ability to spot animals where i could see almost northing until you pointed...

    The man to hunt with…
  • Thank you for the wonderful time i had at your place. you made me feel just like i was at home.Hope to be able to come back again and try for some different annimals. Six annimals on a 4 day hunt is not too shabbby . My guide was great and really seemed to know his stuff, showed me many...


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